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Service offering

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Solution discovery session

1. Solution discovery session (3-5 days)

A set of intense sessions to draft out an architecture of the future solution, outline main hypothesis and risks, and develop the first version of solution development roadmap. One may need this when there is the vision of the solution and a need to clarify technical scope, limitations and plan for the project.

  • Solution document
  • Roadmap
Proof of concept

2. Proof of concept (2-4 weeks)

The phase of iterative research and development, focused on validation of hypothesis and assumptions to clarify the solution project plan. One may need it when there is a clear technical picture outlined, though there are hypothesis and assumptions that brings too much variability in plans.

  • Code on GitHub
  • Validated Hypothesis
Minimal viable product

3. Minimum viable product (3-4 month)

The SWAT team, escorting your project, develops a minimum viable product. One may need it when there is a clear picture of the project outlined, and there is a need for a viable product to be published promptly.

  • Live Demo

4. Iterative Development

The SWAT Team sets up Client's development team, gradually transferring the knowledge from the prior phases. One may need it when there is a lack of DLT/Blockchain expertise and one need to start developing quickly.

  • New features
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Product enhancement

About Us

About Us

We are Pragmatic DLT, software consultancy company that is focusing on the distributed ledger technologies. This video is a short intro to our values and pragmatic approach. Just contact us if you want to know how we can help you and get a free quote.




Pragmatic DLT in partnership with DropChain, a supply chain solution based on blockchain, launched one of the first proof-of-concepts and posted transactions on VeChain network. R&D results helped to speedup DropChain fundraising and development of MVP.


Venbest Security

There is no room for error when we are talking about security. Pragmatic DLT has built a distributed system that allows to track vehicle sensors and determine the status and location of a stolen vehicle. Our solution is capable of processing 10,000+ requests each second.


Resilience is critical when small businesses rely on your software for all of their daily operations. Pragmatic DLT expertise in microservices architecture has enabled Orty to become a trusted partner for 5,000+ of restaurants in South-East Asia and Eastern Europe.



Scaling Ventures Hacken ICO Fortress

Core team

Stanislav Komarovskyi
Stanislav Komarovskyi

Being a good CEO, Stan’s utmost focus is clients, especially those who share our pragmatic vision. “Ignore the hype and focus on your business” and “Be ready for brutal honesty” Stan likes to say.

Stan’s range of professional interests is diverse. He was M&A consultant at Deloitte and CFO at Canadian based BioTech startup. Now he joined Pragmatic DLT to build blockchain software development company. Why not?

He promotes “citizen of the world” concept - thus, we have clients from all over the world. As simple as that.

Mikhail Popcuk
Michael Popchuk

Mike is the guy responsible for making things happen. Thanks to his 10+ years of experience in software delivery, PDLT is continuously delivering on their promises.

Before Pragmatic DLT, Mike was a transformation consultant for digitally enabled businesses, mostly in Europe and the Middle East. Lately joined one of Sports Betting and Gaming clients to ramp up Professional Services organization.

“It always seems impossible until it's done”, a saying Mike likes to repeat.

Artem Oleshko
Artem Oleshko

Good CTO is hands-on CTO, so Artem is. He is the type of guy who digs deep until finds the essence of things. That’s how he found himself playing around with blockchain technologies trying to understand what the buzz is about.

“Java, JS, Solidity, microservices, dapps, DLT, event sourcing, containerization“ is the tag cloud of Artem’s skills. He dedicates evenings and Saturday’s to our Academy to share his knowledge.

“Simplify until you die” is Artem’s motto. We like the motto as we feel blockchain field is artificially overcomplicated which is not good for its business adoption.

Andriy Chernysh
Andriy Chernysh
Chief Architect

Keep It Simple, but still Smart - this is the rule Andriy follows in his daily professional activities. Andriy has hands-on experience in a Software design which he got by building small and mid-size projects in different domains as an architect. Being a huge fan of Microservices and different ways of communication between distributed services, he fell in love with blockchain concepts from the first look. Java, Big Data, Synchronous/Asynchronous communication, Continuous development and delivery processes and many other technical things are in Andriy’s professional arsenal to help him lead a project to success.

Max Martyn
Max Martyn
Solidity Lead

Max supposed to be a mechanical engineer, but vocation to be software development won. Nevertheless, he is the true believer in an engineering approach and he applies it to everything we do.

We like Max's relentless concentration on solving business problems which is a rare skill for software engineers. Max is inefficiency killer, his credo is “work smart, not hard”.

Vasyl Makuha
Vasyl Makukha
Head of Design

Vasyl is the strong believer that a good design aims to solve particular problems, not just to make the world beautiful. Vasyl brought such concepts as a data-driven approach, fast feedback loop and customer interviews - sounds pretty pragmatic for creative thinker.

Vasyl’s mission is to prove that B2B is a good place for design.

Bo Pikul
Bo Pikul
Head of Supply Chain Practice

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