Pragmatic DLT Makes Exclusive Clutch Leaders List

08 Feb, 2019

As an innovative software development company with a focus on technical consulting and the fintech industry, we believe that the world economy is undergoing a shift caused by megatrends, particularly decentralization. Over this past year, we’ve specialized in fintech business consulting and quickly launch the proof of concept blockchain solutions and scale them as quickly as possible. Our success has not gone unnoticed, as Pragmatic DLT has recently been recognized by among the leading blockchain companies in Canada on

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm based in Washington DC who is committed to connecting small, medium, and large enterprises alike to services that match their business needs. Clutch business analysts conduct independent, quantitative research on services listed on their website. They collect direct-client feedback from clients who use the services listed.

At the heart of our evaluation are client reviews. Our clients have given direct feedback to Clutch analysts, resulting in insightful and comprehensive reviews. Based on our reviews that were collected, we have been awarded a 5-star out of 5-star rating, which is no small feat. We encourage you read our reviews in full, but here’s a look at a couple of our clients’ comments:

“Pragmatic DLT’s team provides transparent communication, and are skilled experts in blockchain.” — CEO, DropChain

“Pragmatic DLT offered helpful, transparent advice about blockchain technology and data security. Their clear communication and efficient Agile methodology set them apart.” — CEO, Y-Productive

We want to thank our clients for taking the time to participate in this process. Additionally, apart from being recognized by Clutch, we have also been featured amongst the top business consultants on their sister-website, The Manifest which is a business news and how-to website that provides industry reports and other metrics to help businesses narrow their searches and match their business needs and we are recognized as a top Software Development Company on A portfolio of our work is also featured among top software developers on Good Firms.

Our presence on these lists has given us the opportunity to build new partnerships and display the versatility of our skills. For example PDLT provides also the AI consulting. With consulting and software development expertise, we look forward to facilitating the peer-to-peer economy. In addition to the hard work and evolving knowledge of our team, we could not have achieved this level of recognition if it were not for the trust from our clients, and the support we’ve received from Clutch. Overall, we are excited to be selected to Clutch’s 2019 shortlist of B2B Service Providers. Together, we can continue to live up to our philosophy — building partnerships and delivering software solutions that make difference.


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