TOP ML Development Companies on Upwork in 2024

09 Oct, 2023

Upwork is an online marketplace that connects freelancers and agencies with businesses in need of skilled professionals for various projects. From writing and graphic design to programming and digital marketing, Upwork provides a platform for a broad range of services. It has become a go-to source for over five million businesses to hire freelancers and agencies, and it has over twelve million registered freelancers offering their skills and expertise.

Upwork’s robust platform extends right across the globe, connecting more than 3 million skilled software developers in over 180 nations with clients in need of their expertise.

But what sets Upwork apart? It’s the unrivaled authenticity of ML agency and freelancer ratings, that makes Upwork the go-to platform for businesses. The proof of quality, ironclad security, and cost-effectiveness until you hire, are only some of the reasons why businesses, including Microsoft, Nasdaq, Automattic, and Airbnb, trust Upwork.

With an outstanding record of hosting 2.4M+ verified reviews and facilitating 20k new reviews per week, Upwork is the single most leading markeplace for finding the top software development companies.

One might wonder, with so many online platforms available, why choose Upwork? The answer is simple: Upwork is the only relevant platform for authentic agency and freelancer ratings. Unlike other platforms, Upwork has a robust and transparent review system that ensures both businesses and freelancers get the value they’re looking for.

So, whether you’re a business searching for top talent or a freelancer aiming to showcase your skills, Upwork’s authentic ratings make it the most reliable platform for your needs.

Credible Reviews System - Upwork’s Gold Standard

Upwork is the largest marketplace of its kind, connecting a vast number of freelancers and agencies with clients. The scale of the platform ensures that there’s a wide array of projects and skill sets represented, making it a one-stop-shop for both clients and freelancers.

The marketplace has a robust review system to ensure credibility and authenticity. The platform hosts over 2.4M+ verified reviews, with clients and agencies exchanging 20K new reviews every week. But how does Upwork ensure the validity of these reviews?

When businesses seek machine learning development services or aim to collaborate with top machine learning companies, it is this stringent review system that adds an extra layer of reliability to their choice.

Levels of ML Development Companies Verification

The stature of freelancers and agencies on Upwork is distinguished via specific levels of verification. These levels clarify their credibility and expertise, thereby aiding clients with their selection. Here, we’ll address two significant levels:

  1. Expert-Vetted

    • Criteria: As the creme de la creme, only the top 1% of talent qualifies for the Expert-Vetted level. It’s a prestigious rank obtained through an extensive screening process which assesses their technical skills along with soft traits. The hard skill evaluation is conducted by professional Talent Managers, whereas the soft skills assessment focuses on aspects like communication and reliability.
    • Benefits: The Expert-Vetted status is a testimony to quality, showcasing an individual’s or an agency’s proficiency in their respective fields. Holding this status offers clients assurance about the freelancer’s or agency’s capabilities, while also reflecting positively on their professionalism. Moreover, it adds to the existing plethora of machine learning development services, making them stand out among other ml companies.
  2. Top Rated Plus

    • Criteria: Agencies bestowed with Top Rated Plus status are those which have demonstrated excellent performance on large projects, involving earnings over $10k.
    • Benefits: A Top Rated Plus badge serves as a reliable recommendation for clients with big-budget projects. It highlights an agency’s ability to handle major assignments, making them ideal candidates for clients in search of top machine learning companies. This status significantly contributes to Upwork’s reputation as the largest network of independent professionals.

Top 10 ML Development Companies (as of October 2023)

Criteria for Selection:

💪 Best overall:

1. Pragmatic DLT 🏆

Pragmatic DLT – TOP ML Developers in 2024

2. Valere 🥈


3. Meduzza 🥉


Other companies:👇

4. Space-O InfoWeb INC


5. Materialize


6. Greenice


7. Eminence Internet Technology


8. AI Dev Lab


9. InsightWhale


10. Extreme Algorythmization


Why Businesses Turn to Upwork for ML Development Services

When it comes to hiring a machine learning development company, businesses have a myriad of options. So, what makes Upwork the go-to platform? Three core reasons stand out: proof of quality, no cost until you hire, and safe and secure transactions.

Proof of Quality: Work Samples and Client Reviews

In the rapidly evolving tech industry, machine learning (ML) has emerged as a crucial tool for businesses. Whether it’s predicting consumer behavior or automating routine tasks, machine learning can significantly enhance business operations. As such, partnering with the top machine learning companies becomes a strategic move.

Here’s why businesses are turning to Upwork for their machine learning development services:

With features geared towards proof of quality, cost-effectiveness, and security, it’s no surprise that Upwork stands as a preferred platform for businesses seeking top machine learning companies.

Upwork’s Global Reach

When it comes to locating top talent in machine learning, Upwork is a game-changer. The platform’s sprawling network is not confined to any one country; it stretches across 180+ nations.

Global Talent Pool

Upwork By the Numbers

Educational Background

In summary, Upwork’s massive global reach makes it the go-to platform for finding top machine learning companies and freelancers. Whether it’s the sheer volume of opportunities, the extensive global network, or the qualified talent pool, Upwork checks all the boxes.


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