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Pragmatic DLT Makes Exclusive Clutch Leaders List

As an innovative software development company with a focus on technical consulting and the fintech industry, we believe that the world economy is undergoing a shift caused by megatrends, particularly decentralization.

February 8, 2019

Setup private Ethereum network in cloud

This insight is a step by step guide how to launch private Ethereum network. It is a great starting point to start experiments and play with different setup and configuration options for your specific needs (block creation time, number of nodes per availability zone, block target gas limit, etc...).

October 18, 2018

How to hire blockchain team

Tina and her team did an ICO in May. They hit the hard cap of $12m and celebrated success, taking a few weeks' break from the rush. After the dust settled and founders' LinkedIn cooled down from the overwhelming flow of 'kudos' and business offers, the team sat in the office to plan the next steps.

October 14, 2018